The IBCC 2020 “Autumn Special” was a very specific year as mainly the International Balaton Carp Cup takes place every April. However, COVID has changed many plans and restrictions have increased to this day. Despite the “dark times” we have been through together, be it at home, at work, with close friends and family, we have managed to create smiles, well-being and joy in achieving life goals and dreams , which in turn affects the community of people involved.

We, ECO SINKERS, could have been part of it in another great performance by the guys from the MIKBAITS-PARYS SK team led by M. Brezovský. First place in the “TOP 5 TOTAL WEIGHT FISH” category, i.e. 5 biggest fish. The boys fought until the last minute and rightfully enjoyed the win. We thank them for their report and other positive feedback on our concrete eco sinkers, that even with so many teams and experienced professionals they did not get lost and passed their difficult test at the largest carp challenge in the world.

The main role was played by the SINKER GRIPPA in 200g, 300g and 400g variants. 100% success against tangles thanks to the precise balance of the sinker weight and the success in “drop out from lead clip move” during the carp run. Another journey that we took together in 2020. You deserve many congratulations and thanks for all of it.


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